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Drink and Click™ Ann Arbor - Dance

  • Bill's Beer Garden (map)



Join Patrick and me for a Dance-themed Drink and Click. If you know a dancer who would like free portfolio images, please bring him or her! 

To get inspired, check out Omar Z. Robles' work on his site or on IG. 

For this Meetup, we will:

• Meet at Bill's Beer Garden at 6 pm to talk photography, eat (food is at neighboring Mark's Carts), and imbibe:

• Afterward, depending on our group's size, we may break up into smaller groups or stay together when taking images.

• If we have dancers present, we will take their photos around town (at cross walks, at parking garages, in front of stores, in front of the Michigan theater, etc). Think Omar Robles style! If we don't have dancers, we'll just have fun taking street photos around town!!! 

Things to Consider Bringing

- A dancer of course! Again, if you know dancers, let them know that they can have their pictures taken at this event. 

- Any lens will work here. Wide (18mm 27mm) can be good for an environmental image. Normal (50mm) to portrait focal length (85mm to 105mm) can be great to get a better crop on the dancer. 

- Optional: reflector

- Optional: flash

What is Drink and Click? 

I have joined forces with Patrick of Ann Arbor Shutterbugs to co-host the Ann Arbor Chapter of Drink and Click. We post events on our Meetup site as well as the Ann Arbor Chapter of Drink and Click Facebook page (link). Join us if you haven't yet.

Drink and Click™ organizes photography events around the country. The idea is simple: have a drink, talk about photography, try new gear, and take pictures. Drink and Click ™ has challenges every month with prizes ranging from Camera gear to local area business gift cards. Google+ was its birthplace. Juan Gonzalez started Drink and Click in Austin, Texas. His passion for Photography grew into something more than wandering the streets at night and Photographing strangers. You can find the Page at Google+ Here Additional Information:

Drink and Click ™ DOES NOT ENCOURAGE DRINKING ALCOHOL. YOU CAN JOIN US AND HAVE WATER, SOFT DRINKS OR DELICIOUS LEMONADE. Drink and Click ™ is not responsible for any injury or incidents while meeting. You are responsible for your actions while you are with us.

Drink and Click ™ does not encourage drinking and driving. If you had too much to drink please take a cab or bring a designated driver.

To be eligible to win prizes for this month's challenge just do one of the following:

1. Please tag images with #drinkandclick on Google+ 

2. Every month, Juan posts an upload link on our Facebook page for that month's challenge (here's the link). You can upload the images to the links once you have joined the Ann Arbor Chapter of Drink and Click Facebook page (you do have to request to join to be able to add images).