Learn About Our Events, Prize Sponsors and Customers

Drink and Click® has two type of events. Both types of events will be posted on the event page as an easier way to find if your city is getting an event ready for you to attend. Please check the event page often as we update this weekly.

Two type of events:

  • Regular Drink and Click® city chapter events                                   Drink and Click® has chapter cities worldwide. These chapters were created with the intention to meet and socialize with Photographers from your city. On this events they get together and shoot for a monthly theme. This challenge competes with all the other Drink and Click® chapter cities for prizes. Some of our current prize sponsors include Adobe Creative Cloud, Think Tank Photo, Stuck in Customs, Adoramapix, ViewBug, Rockynook to name a few.

Our great Prize Sponsors. Click on image to redirect you to their site. Thanks.


  • Drink and Click® Demo and Gear Test Events                                 Drink and Click™ also host in association with camera manufactures events worldwide. We partner with companies like Fujifilm, Olympus, RICOH, Panasonic, Sony and Nikon to bring their latest gear to a bar near you. You can test their cameras and lenses and get to win some awesome prizes.


Our Fantastic Customers. Click on images to redirect you to their site.